This is my failsafe chocolate chip cookie recipe, which I made yesterday. The cookies are soft and very very moreish.

Makes 18-20 large (I make a batch and then freeze the batter to make more easily next time)

270g salted butter, softened

4 oz caster sugar

4oz dark brown sugar

2 eggs

50ml or so milk

small pinch cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 tsp baking powder

16 oz plain flour

milk chocolate in chunks


Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

Cream sugars into butter till light and fluffy.

Beat eggs and stir in.

Stir in milk, cinnamon and vanilla.

Stir in baking powder and, gradually, flour. Add the flour until the mixture is almost a dough but still -just- a batter. It should be just before the turning point – a stiff, heavy batter. If the mixture is too dough-like, add a little more milk.

Stir in chocolate.

Use your hands/spoon to put cookie sized blobs on a greased baking sheet, no need to

flatten unless you want flat cookies.

Bake for 11-15 mins – they harden as they cool.



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