20130505-213929.jpgIt’s time for my two year-old son H to have his first duvet, and I want it to be super-cute, so I’m making it myself. In fact, I’m making him several!

I’ve splurged on some amazing fabrics from The Eternal Maker (a lot of it is Japanese) and have three duvet covers using three different fabrics in mind. (Plus a patchwork quilt, but that’s way in the future at this point!)

For two of the duvet covers, I have enough of the fabric to have the top side of the cover in my fabric choice and then the bottom will be plain neutral coloured cotton.

For the third, I only have a smaller amount of fabric, so I’m appliquéing it onto a crisp, new white cotton cotbed duvet cover. I am then going to embroider the pillow case (God, I am trying to do far too much, aren’t I?)

So far I’ve just pinned the amazing fabric onto the duvet (here are the pics). It’s a retro style called Marty Goes To Mars and I love it.

The next step will be to sew it on (I will probably use plain white thread) and then cover the borders, perhaps, with ricrac, satin edging, or some other nice trimming.

It’s no doubt obvious that I am a lazy, impatient crafter.When it comes to knitting I am a bit more accurate and careful, but as you can see, my sewing style is all about maximum results as fast as possible with minimum effort or accuracy!

I hate to measure, iron, or sew any seam that isn’t absolutely necessary. I don’t mind if the results don’t look perfectly finished (they never are!) – so long as the item is quick to make, usable and looks good to me, I am happy.

Believe it or not, I have made a super king size duvet cover before, and it was patchworked, too, in gingham. I still use it on our bed and am reasonably happy with it. So I reckon a toddler size duvet cover should be a cinch in comparison.

The Marty Goes To Mars fabric being pinned onto the white duvet cover

The Marty Goes To Mars fabric being pinned onto the white duvet cover


4 thoughts on “H’s first duvet cover!

  1. Love the fabric, I want to try to make a duvet cover for my Daughter but looking for step by step instructions, I love sewing but am a complete novice

    • Thank you! Can you use a sewing machine? If so, I think it’s fairly straightforward – just cut out the front and back for the duvet and sew around the edges leaving one side open and do buttons or poppers or a zip along there. Good luck!

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